Thursday, 9 April 2015

Easter Trip to Devon.

Good Evening lovelies!

So this weekend I was lucky enough to visit my lovely boyfriends family down in Devon. Having only been to Cornwall previously (I lived there as a child) it was great to see more of the South of England. Despite the long drive down and the train journey back. I had such a lovely couple of days relaxing and escaping from the stress of uni and work.

Whilst there we had cream teas, climbed Haytor, explored a granite quarry, spent the evening around the chiminea after a family BBQ and visited the House of Marbles. Safe to say I had a wonderful Easter weekend. (I apologise now for the mass of photos in this post!)

Apparently this is a proper Devonshire cream tea! The Cornish put the jam on first, supposedly its a big deal?

Beautiful views from the top of Haytor with Matt, Clare and John :)

These were the stunning views of an old granite quarry. Apparently this quarry supplied the materials that made the London Bridge. The water here was also super clear and is supposedly full of really big goldfish? Over all the views from the moors were gorgeous and there are all sorts of legends like 'The Hairy Hand'. Where at night many drivers claim that a pair of disembodied hands take control of the vehicle and cause the driver to veer off of the roads. Many say that they are invisible...

Another is Jay's Grave, which is about a young housemaid who was betrayed by her lover and later committed suicide. As she hung herself she was not allowed a proper burial, so she was buried on unconsecrated ground. Despite this happening years and years and years ago, there are always fresh flowers on her grave, no matter what time of year. Some say that the locals keep up the tradition but many are not convinced!

But anyway enough of the ghost stories ;)

On Easter Sunday it was Matts' step brothers 16th, so they had a family barbecue. It was so lovely being able to sit out in the sunshine, drink beer, play games and eat. At first it was a tad overwhelming meeting such a large amount of his family at once, but they were super lovely so it was all okay in the end :) After proving to Matt that I'm actually not that bad at table tennis, we spent the evening around the chiminea chatting about pretty much everything under the sun.

On my last day myself and Matt visited The House of Marbles to have breakfast and see all the super cool marble runs. I don't think I have ever seen so many marbles in my whole entire life... But it was really interesting see all the different types of runs they had. One literally covered the whole of a wall, it was crazy! I also bought a super cute yellow rain coat ;) (something I have been after for months!)

Overall I had such a lovely relaxing weekend and can't wait to go back again. If I'm invited of course ;) Hope you all had an enjoyable easter and bank holiday! Let me know what you got up to in the comments!

Maisie xx


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