Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Urban Decay Perversion & Subversion Duo // Review.

Good Afternoon lovelies!

First of all a massive apology for not posting for ages. Everything has been a bit crazy over the past fews months due to me moving house and starting back at uni for my third and final year. However! I'm back with a review of this little beauty that my wonderful Mother treated me to a few weekends ago - The Urban Decay Perversion Mascara, which included a sample of the Subversion Lash Primer.
(Apologies about the awful lighting, promise you I'm working on it!)

So the Perversion Mascara promises to give you bigger, black and badder lashes and I have to say that I agree completely! My lashes look fuller and darker with just one coat. I have to say that it completely tops any other mascara I have used previously. Using it with Subversion just makes it a whole lot better! The fine combed brush makes sure that it coats each one of my lashes making them longer and fuller. At first I was apprehensive about using a lash primer as I have been blessed with long lashes anyway, I was worried that it would make them look fake and clumpy. How very wrong I was, combining these two products together just gives you the most lovely looking lashes ever and I can see that I will be repurchasing this for a long time to come.

Below you can see the difference between Perversion with and without Subversion. Without Subversion I find that my lashes tend to stick together a little bit, but with Subversion my eyelashes a much more separated and fluttery. (Please ignore my terrible excuse of eyebrows and skin)

Perversion on it's own.

Subversion by itself.

Perversion and Subversion together.

I have never been able to fault Urban Decay products and I'm happy to add this to the list of things I love by them. At only £17.00, I can see it being a constant item in my makeup bag. Having previously buying No.7 mascara for around £12.00 I am completely converted as it is far superior.

Maisie xx


  1. Your eyelashes look great! Nice review! :)

  2. I love Urban Decay, and this product looks really good.

    Meme xx (It would be nice to see you around on my blog <3)